Monitor Engineering Pty Ltd founded in 1943 is the sole agent for Spraying Systems Co. the world’s leader in spray technology. Offerings include more than 87 000 different spray nozzles and accessories for spray cleaning, spray cooling, spray drying, spray coating, humidifying, and more.

Typical applications for mining industry include dust suppression, fire control, evaporation, gas cooling, wet scrubbers, and many more. Below is the link for the dust suppression kit.

FloMax nozzles widely used in gas cooling and conditioning operations feature a unique air cap that resists build-up near nozzle orifices to prevent performance problems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zETKqWGZ7o

Spraying Systems Co. has been the global leader in spray technology for many years. Manufacturing and processors in hundreds of industries around the world turn to us for a wide range of spray products and services including, spray injectors/ headers, automated spray controllers, complete turnkey spray systems, spray research, proof-of-concept testing, prototype development in the world’s most sophisticated spray laboratories, custom-built spray lances, performance testing, and advanced modelling.

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