Accessibility Services at Electra Mining Africa

At Electra Mining Africa, we prioritise accessibility to ensure all attendees can enjoy the event entirely.
Here are the available access services provided at the exhibition:

Wheelchair Access

All hall entrances are wheelchair-accessible via ramps, ensuring easy entry for all visitors. Once inside the venue, all floors are level, providing unobstructed access throughout the exhibition halls. We offer complimentary wheelchairs to those in need, which can be obtained from the Organiser’s Office on the day of your visit. 

Please note that wheelchairs are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and a form of ID (such as a driving license or passport) will be required as surety during the loan period.

Prayer Room

A designated prayer room will be available for visitors and exhibitors seeking a moment of solace, reflection, or prayer. This tranquil space is designed to provide a peaceful sanctuary for attendees of all faiths and beliefs.

Quiet Room

We understand that the noise of machinery and crowds can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why we provide a designated quiet room where individuals can retreat to a peaceful environment when overstimulated.

Contact Us

If you require accessibility assistance ahead of your visit, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can email us at semarketing@montgomerygroup.com, indicating the level of aid you need. We are committed to supporting you during your visit and ensuring your experience at Electra Mining Africa is enjoyable and inclusive.