36-year-old, industrial agitator and mixing specialist, Mixtec, excels as the leader in the industry with in-house high-level mixer designs, extensive R&D, exceptional customer service and specialising in processes such as the BIOX® process.

The company has major accreditation for the supply into the BIOX® process. The BIOX® process, which is a key development in refractory sulphide gold ores and Mixtec’s certified HA736 impeller design proves to be the ideal choice for this application.

Mixtec are the experts in producing agitators for the largest mining, refining and industrial plants specifically biological leach. The HA736 impeller system proves to be the most efficient for the biological leaching application providing high primary flow volume, good in-tank flow patterns and ensures high fluid velocities over heat transfer and gas inlet surfaces. The HA736 ensures exceptional solid suspension, heat transfer and gas dispersion are achieved whilst shear is minimised to prevent biological damage.

Mixtec’s impeller technology remains superior to any other mixing systems, thus making Mixtec one of the preferred and credible BIOX® suppliers.

Website: www.mixtec.com

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Website: www.mixtec.com