A comprehensive range of air compressors from the esteemed global ELGi and FS-Elliott brands will share space alongside the innovative MethaSperseTM underground dust suppression system on Integrated Air Solutions’ Electra Mining stand (P18) in Nasrec’s lake area. The advanced AIRCOM aluminium piping system will also be introduced during the mining expo.

Integrated Air Solutions is the exclusive regional sales and service partner for ELGi Equipment and FS-Eliott. The past four years has seen the company successfully delivering quality air solutions to South Africa’s mining, construction, engineering, cement, pharmaceutical, automotive, food & beverage, agri-processing, water well, and oil & gas exploration sectors.

“It is our goal to build on the success we achieved at Electra Mining Africa 2018 by using this expedient platform to showcase our product, technology and service solutions to the mining industry,” says Integrated Air Solutions Group CEO, Graham Russell. “This expo offers a convenient meeting point where all our stakeholders including customers, end-users from our OEM partners as well as industry experts are able to network.”

First up is the ELGi range of premium electric and diesel-driven compressors for mining and industrial air requirements. “These machines incorporate advanced technologies for optimised reliability and efficiency, delivering best-in-class total cost of ownership (TCO),” continues Graham.

ELGi will be launching their new PG 45 Electric Portable Compressor. Featuring advanced technology and a compact footprint, these eco-friendly electric compressors set a new standard in the portable segment, offering the benefit of quiet and emission-less operation across the entire range. The rugged machines, which feature a TEFC squirrel cage motor with class F insulation, are manufactured from industrial grade steel and powder coated canopy for maximum corrosion protection and durability.

Further added value delivered by the ELGi electric compressor range include:

  • Best-in-class reliability, maintenance and operating costs
  • Energy-efficient airend design
  • Efficient air-oil separation
  • Optional variable speed drives (VSDs) for energy efficiency
  • Ingeniously designed Neuron control system offering operating data and safety measures
  • A user-friendly control panel with safety options
  • Easy to manoeuvre and transport 2/…


The recent signing of a partnership agreement with leading North American air compressor manufacturer, FS-Elliott, equips Integrated Air Solutions with the ability to supply spare parts, service and plant upgrades to the local existing installed base of FS-Elliott centrifugal oil-free compressors. “By combining quality product solutions from FS-Elliott with our local experience and compressor technology know-how, we are perfectly positioned to add value to longstanding FS-Elliott customers,” says Graham.

Featuring one of the most efficient (energy saving) mainstream compressed air technologies, FS-Elliott centrifugal compressors are certified ISO 8573-1 Class 0 oil-free air for purity. Given today’s high energy input costs, customers are demanding energy-saving options. FS-Elliott offers significant plant upgrades aimed at lowering the operational cost of compressed air thus offering customers energy-saving solutions such as compressor re-rate, inlet guide vane conversions and control system refits. By maximising their equipment’s efficiency, customers will benefit from  immediate savings and a fast return on investment (ROI). A variety of Regulus® controller system options on the FS-Elliott machines deliver superior control. With no wearing parts that require regular change-out the need for periodic and expensive airend replacement is eliminated, delivering excellent reliability and requiring minimum maintenance.

The generation of compressed air consumes a great deal of energy. Graham points out that air leaks can further exacerbate energy consumption by causing the compressor to work harder and thus consume more energy to achieve the same required pressures. “An optimal energy-efficiency solution therefore includes not only superior quality air compressors but also high quality piping and fittings,” notes Graham. “We are extremely excited to introduce our range of AIRCOM aluminium piping systems, following the recent signing of a partnership agreement with AIRCOM Piping Systems.” With a proven track record, over 25 years of experience, and ISO 9001 (TÜV) quality assurance certification, the Italy-based company, designs and manufactures leading-edge piping and fittings that set the  global benchmark in efficiency, reliability and flexibility. Owing to the strong light-weight properties of aluminium, wasted air and leaks are eliminated. So too are all the associated costs of increased energy consumption, product replacements and unplanned downtime. The modular design of the AIRCOM system provides flexibility and adaptability, contributing to increased plant uptime and production while reducing customers’ carbon footprints.

Continuous mining processes in underground coal mines can result in high levels of respirable dust and other fine particles that are extremely harmful when inhaled and, in certain concentrations, propagate fire. Engineered in South Africa for a global market, the innovative MethaSperseTM system reduces respirable dust and dilutes methane concentrations at the coal face. “MethaSperseTM utilises the energy of compressed air to transport a fine water mist to the immediate cutting area, effectively trapping dust particles which sink harmlessly to the floor,” explains Graham. “This dramatically reduces dust levels, making mining safer for all, with the added benefit of only consuming an additional 5L/min of water.” This compact hydraulic-driven compressor system from Integrated Air Solutions is uniquely integrated into the limited space on Continuous Miner (CM) machines.

“Please pay a visit to our stand to meet our specialist team and experience our unique compressed air, dust suppression and piping solutions and services. Also be sure not to miss our infamous Thursday evening function, complete with live music!,” concludes Graham.

Integrated Air Solutions is a proud subsidiary of GiGi Investments and will be exhibiting at Electra Mining Africa together with sister companies Fogmaker, Integrated Pump Technology and Integrated Pump Rental.