In a webinar brought to you by Adroit Technologies, Dave Wibberley discusses an overview of the various approaches and technologies that are available to industrial users to take advantages of the 4th IR cloud offerings of various vendors. It also demonstrates how the Adroit OPC/Edge Gateway scheduled for release in Q3 will allow them to harvest IoT and Plant data, post-process it and send only the important data for processing in the cloud.

How can Adroit Technologies assist you regardless of which SCADA you have in place, or whatever your strategy may be that we can assist you in getting along that road without too much pain? Using the tried and tested Adroit Agent Server Technology and protocol drivers we have developed a product similar to Kepware, Matrikon.

It allows you to implement MQTT, OPCUA or a direct connection to your SCADA system which is talking to plant systems. On South bound we offer all the connectivity you want or North Bound puts it directly into the cloud using various technologies, or share information using OPCUA. In between you take advantage of our Agent based technology which allows you to extract the value.

Watch the webinar: https://youtu.be/ei0-ckzFxfc
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