Umbani Software is a software development company, specialising in custom data driven applications and business intelligence solutions. We supply customisable off the shelf products as well as bespoke software solutions to a variety of industries. Umbani Software offers MTsys to assist with your maintenance management requirements.

MTsys is a maintenance management software solution. With MTsys, through analysis of breakdowns, maintenance managers can reduce un-planned downtime. MTsys assists with job card performance and control over spare parts. It produces detailed cost, productivity and efficiency reports, providing an efficient maintenance function.

MTsys supports several types of maintenance, allowing the user to set specific intervals for specific operations and having the PC generate Job Cards and warning reports. Detailed action lists can be set up for each service, allowing complete control of critical operations, in compliance with production, maintenance, quality and safety requirements.
MTsys modules include Equipment Register, Job Card Register, Maintenance Schedules, Engineering Stores, Module Specific Reporting, OEE, OAE, and TEEP.

Maintain Efficiency. View video: https://youtu.be/MGGfVJKnv-c

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