The ControlMaster® Radio Remote Control Emergency Shutdown, now available from Trysome Auto Electrical Engineering (Pty) Ltd, is a revolutionary radio remote control unit that can safely and securely shut down a mine-site vehicle remotely in an emergency.

The product is specifically designed for mining applications and operates in a license-free, secure radio frequency. The hand-held transmitter can be configured to multiple vehicles and has an emergency stop switch. When in operation, the unit configures to a selected vehicle ID and will lock into that vehicle’s receiver only.

The operator receives a confirmation of the vehicle ID, via the LCD display, before shutting the vehicle down to ensure the correct vehicle has been selected. The system is easy to install and operates for a distance of up to 200 metres.

Ensure you have control with the safe and secure emergency shut down.

Website: www.trysome.co.za
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ProxyVolt is the “THIRD EYE” that never sleeps or gets distracted

ProxyVolt, now available from Trysome Auto Electrical Engineering (Pty) Ltd, is a state-of-the-art safety device used for detecting the electrostatic field of any AC power line no matter what the current flow. It provides both audible and visual warning signals to alert the operator when equipment comes within the set proximity of a power line.

The ProxyVolt range of products are practical, simple to operate, and of the highest quality. The products can be used with multiple antenna configurations to suit a huge range of plant and equipment, including vertical whip, planar and reel forms. Antennas can also be custom designed for individual applications and equipment.

This product will benefit companies within industries, such as Mining, GAS LNG, Earthmoving, Civil Construction, Supply Authorities, Water Authorities, Agriculture, Government, Pipeline, Councils and Aviation, that work in close proximity of overhead power lines.

Website: www.trysome.co.za