For the use of hydraulic torque wrenches and multi-purpose hydraulic jacks of all brands – powerful 82 V Li-Ion batteries

The high-pressure pump ITH Hydro-DAX V-series with vertical aluminum oil reservoir is extended by a battery-version: The developed ITH Hydro-DAX V18 Battery is powered by strong and durable 82 V Li-Ion batteries, available with capacities of 2 Ah, 4 Ah or 5 Ah. By the high-performance pump design one battery is capable to tighten 104 bolts M30 (1 1/8”) with 1,650 Nm (1,217 ftlbs) before the second battery – included in all deliveries – is used to continue working procedures.

  1. Fast and mobile for service jobs – including load sense technology
    The design concept of the Hydro-DAX V18 Battery fulfills the fundamental requirements of a battery tool: High-performance but low weight for fast pressure build-up, easy handling and comfortable transport.
    Technical key data of the high-performance pump include a low weight of only 23.5 kg (45.2 lbs), a powerful, brushless and therefore maintenance-reduced 1.5 kW motor (2.0 hp(E)) and high oil flow performance. The maximum operating pressure of 850 bar (12,330 psi) is the highest in the market segment. The innovative load-sense technology increases the RPM of the motor when sensing more load, which leads to constant power output and efficient battery management. The features make the multi-staged high-performance pump ideal for service-jobs or for use in working areas where power supplies are not available or difficult to access. Electric or pneumatic power supply lines are not needed, which reduces the setup times. Occupational safety is increased as possible sources of danger are reduced (tripping hazards or damaged power supply lines).
  2. Powerful and lasting Li-Ion battery technology
    Every delivery includes two powerful and lasting 82 V batteries, based on the latest Li-Ion battery technology and LED load status indicator lights. Depending on the application and demand users can choose from capacities of 2 Ah, 4 Ah or 5 Ah. Exchanging the batteries is userfriendly – no extra tools required – by a frontside battery compartment with battery quick-release and electrical safety key. The high-performance quick charger (110 V or 230 V) with air cooler and diagnosis-function informs users about the battery status and the loading process. The charging process takes only up to 30 minutes (2 Ah). Backside boreholes offer to mount the charger vertically on a wall.
  3. One of a kind: Digital gauge displays torque and pressure
    Additional developments include a new digital gauge
    (accuracy ±0,5% up to 0,1%) which displays both pressure and torque when powering hydraulic torque wrenches – a unique function within this application. The user chooses the predefined ITH hydraulic torque wrench type in the gauge menu (mode). For other brands or when powering general-purpose hydraulic jacks, other modes can be chosen individually.
    The display shows:
    1. Pressure (bar or psi) up to max. 1,000 bar (14,500 Psi)
    2. Torque (Nm or ft*lbs)
    3. Temperature (°C or °F)
    4. Pressure build-up process bar (workload of max. pressure in percent)
    5. Chosen mode: ITH hydraulic torque wrench type or “individual”

    As a standard ITH Hydro-DAX V18 Battery pumps are equipped with a multi-colored high-pressure gauge and a pressure adjusting valve with a fixation mechanism.
  4. Design advantages and features
    The bolted frame offers significant advantages compared to closed housings. Unnecessary weight is avoided and contributes to an optimal weight-to-power-ratio. The access to all pump components is increased during maintenance, which is service-friendly. The temperature exchange
    is optimized by the vertical aluminum multi-ribbed oil reservoir, which combines robustness and low weight.
    The topside cable organizer enables a practical positioning of the remote during transport and storage. Professional and prospective maintenance management can be performed by utilizing the digital cycle counter.
  5. Compatibility and application
    The ITH Hydro-DAX V18 Battery is compatible to hydraulic torque wrenches with single and dual hose systems up to 850 bar (12,300 psi) of all brands. Additionally, the V18 Battery can power single-acting or double-acting multi-purpose hydraulic jacks of all brands.