Medi-Safe® is committed to reducing healthcare associated infections (HAI) and providing quality infection prevention solutions to help protect medical professionals and the patients they serve. CHARNAUD® has leveraged Medi-Smart® technology to make anti-microbial garments, privacy curtains and items that allow healthcare workers to treat patients safely during this critical time.

The benefits of choosing Charnaud Medi-Safe® are many. Medi-Safe® is a permanent solution; competitors use a topical solution that loses its effectiveness over time; Medi-Safe® holds its charge for 12 weeks and stays effective; washing will recharge the fabric; Medi-Safe® garments are a cost-effective solution with long life cycles; and the average garment life cycle is 2 years plus.

Medi-Smart® fabric makes it simple and practical to integrate anti-microbial protection into the most common medical products, such as scrubs, lab coats and privacy curtains. The patented, bleach-activated technology harnesses the proven power of readily available chlorine bleach to kill 99.9%* of bacteria and viruses. Advanced molecular engineering binds chlorine to fibres to turn otherwise passive textiles into one more layer of active defence against inadvertent microbial exposure, contamination and infection.

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