Conveyor belts in mining operate in demanding conditions and the biggest maintenance requirement is detecting and replacing worn rollers. Given the expansiveness of conveyors, and the high number of rollers, traditional methods of manually monitoring and maintaining their health tends to be unreliable, time-consuming and labour intensive.

Aura IQ, now available through Strata Worldwide, is a low cost, reliable solution for monitoring, measuring, and detecting roller health – with no power required at the point of measurement. Aura IQ smartly monitors the conveyor health through a single fibre optic cable, retrofitted to the entire length of conveyor.

The fibre is connected to an Aura IQ Edge Server which registers irregularities that could indicate problematic wear and tear, and pre-emptively sends alerts to operators. Early detection and warning significantly reduce the risk of failures and downtime.

The Aura IQ Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) Network provides a means to wirelessly connect one or more Aura IQ Edge Servers to a central cloud reporting and analytics platform. This enables alerts and reports from conveyors located anywhere in the world to be accessible over the Internet in near real-time.

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