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Cutting edge power quality solutions

At Energy Control System, our mission is to provide cutting edge power quality solutions to our clients thereby increasing their overall profitability by decreasing overhead costs related to power quality issues.

By utilizing a variety of technologies and products and combining them with 32 years of engineering and application expertise, we can effectively reduce maintenance and improve up-time. Once the electrical/electronic maintenance costs are reduced the results are ever increasing overall profitability of our client.

Our commitment is to provide exceptional customer service by emphasizing the integrity, urgency and reliability. While the mining industry has its focus on heavy industrialized equipment in the drilling and excavation arena – the increasing implementation of highly sensitive microprocessor based equipment and variable frequency drives has lead the technology found in the Sinetamer® surge protection to attain a global position in the mining industries of South America since 2005 and Africa since 2010.

Who is Energy Control Systems & SineTamer? Learn more:

What is Frequency Attenuation?
Who is Energy Control Systems & SineTamer?
Why SineTamer?
Can Manufacturing Downtime be Reduced?
Successful Implementations of SineTamer
Avoiding Downtime
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Contact: call Marius Grobbelaar on 082 889 3663 or email or Cheryl Grobbelaar on 084 025 7759 or email