Innovation that improved everything from product quality, to lowering costs to the customer, to driving sustainability in waste management.

The steel industry utilises specialised timber cradles to safely transport their coils in shipping containers. These containers are shipped using road, rail and sea. Though, manufactured from timber, these have to be incredibly strong and capable of supporting up to 25 tons for the duration of shipment.

PackSolve Packaging noticed a combination of excessive packaging materials and over engineered skids in the market. On this basis Columbus Stainless and PackSolve Packaging collaborated to investigate the opportunity of engineering a skid that would incorporate reducing packaging material to reduce cost for the customer, opening a channel for the better utilisation of our waste and industry waste, thereby introducing sustainability in waste management, delivering a better quality, stronger product and providing an opportunity to deliver upskilling of labour into building this new product.

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Engineering Timber for Industrial Packaging

Website: https://packsolve.co.za/
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