Optimisation of business operations in the bulk material transportation industry is being revolutionised by innovative volumetric scanning technology.

Accurately weighing items in motion is highly specialised and achieved by only a handful of companies globally. Trysome Auto Electrical Engineering (Pty) Ltd has recently collaborated with one such company, Walz Scale USA, to bring innovative, digital solutions to the local mining and transportation industries with a big focus on real-time information monitoring.

Every business entity that relies on weighing, strives to increase production efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and maximise on safety whilst maintaining accuracy to increase profit.

Having more accurate weight data means you can keep closer track of your payloads, obtain precise measurements of incoming and outgoing materials, and maximise the load capacity of haul trucks without overloading.

Where accurate volume and tonnage is imperative, direct, non-contact, in-motion, volume measurement is the most accurate payload measurement available.

The Walz scanner system has been designed to interface directly with mine site data infrastructure systems. This allows for the data to be delivered to key mine site personnel, in real-time, for monitoring and analysis.

Passing beneath a laser, each haul truck bucket is scanned and referenced by advanced algorithms and sophisticated software resulting in an accurate volume estimation, generated by 2D load images. Using this method, load volumes can be calculated to within a proven and tested +/-1%.

Volumetric load scanning technology aids in the accurate monitoring of production – autonomous operation; real-time load volumes; real-time load position analysis; production alerts; material density – real-time material density per load; autonomous operation; mine dispatch interface; carry-back – real-time; alerts to dispatch; auto adjust for production tracking; autonomous operation; and load optimisation – manages shovel performance; improves load optimisation, reduces maintenance costs.

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