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Banding & Identification (ID) Solutions Africa will display its full range of Band-It stainless steel band-and-buckle systems, preformed clamps, cable ties, and identification solutions, which are applicable for a diverse range of applications in the mining industry, at Electra Mining Africa 2018. The company manufactures Band-It stainless steel strapping and buckles under licence from Band-It-Idex in the US, using local 304 grade stainless steel. Band-It is a global leader in quality engineered band clamping systems, with a broad product range catering for cable fixing, securing CV joints, sign mounting and hose clamping. Ancillary products include various types of hose and cable identification systems. Mines looking for an affordable solution to the perennial problem of cable theft need look no further than the cost-effective, easy-to-use, and tamper-proof Ultra-LokĀ® clamping system from Banding & ID Solutions Africa. Cable theft is a particular hazard on mine sites due to the potential health and safety implications, especially for workers underground. The costs incurred by cable theft also has a negative impact in reducing proactive maintenance budgets. The cost of replacing stolen cables, in addition to the resultant downtime, are both very high, as cable theft affects production and total costs in the end. Ultra-LokĀ® is a robust clamping solution, with a tamper-proof design, and is easy to install. It has the potential to reduce cable theft in the mining industry dramatically. Other products for the mining industry are Band-It centre-punch clamps for low-pressure water and air lines. The clamps are ideal for hose fixing and attachment, cable bundling, sign erection, device attachment and mounting, cable and wire management, and maintenance. The combination of the double-wrapped design with stainless steel gives mining customers in particular a robust clamping solution.

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