10 - 14 SEPTEMBER 2018


9AM - 5PM

Electra Mining Africa 2018 Exhibitor Directory

GFG (Pty) Ltd

Hall: OS / Stand: T160

GFG is an acknowledged major world player in the development and sales of personal gas detection instrumentation. While many other instrumentation companies regard gas detection as a subdivision of a larger instrumentation portfolio, GFG maintains that gas detection is a demanding science and avoids diversification. Gas detection has traditionally been one of the most difficult process measurements. Gases are often life threatening because they tend to poison, explode, burn or stifle. Instrumentation capable of accurately sensing and measuring low concentrations of gases must, by definition, be sensitive, accurate, easy to calibrate, non-clogging, easy to interpret and affordable. These are almost contradictory specifications, especially in the field of handheld safety devices, but through our products and services GFG strives to ensure that workers in an adverse range of industries are safe from hazardous and toxic gases no matter where they are working, making GFG instrumentation integral across diverse industries such as telecommunications, mining, local government, wineries and petrochemicals, etc. Portable electronic gas sensing units have been in use in South Africa since the late seventies. GFG was one of the early entrants into the South African market and to date tens of thousands of portable units have been sold in bulk orders to gold mines in SA. GFG units are in use all over the country in other industries with an enormous amount of units in service. The fixed range of products includes single measuring point units, to plant wide sensing with several hundred transmitters.

  • +27119554862
  • 7 Voortrekker Road, Mindalore North, Krugersdorp, 1739


  • Air Velocity
  • Anemometers
  • Gas / Gasses Equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Safety Equipment
  • Sensors
  • Sound Level Meters
  • Testing Equipment Instruments

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