10 - 14 SEPTEMBER 2018


Electra Mining Africa 2018 Exhibitor Directory

Starcrow 36 Pty/ltd Training and Consulting Services

Hall: 9 / Stand: D27

Starcrow 36 (Pty) Ltd is a Mpumalanga based training company. Starcrow 36 (Pty) Ltd has a diverse and high quality services portfolio in Training and Development. As one of the largest training providers in Mpumalanga, Starcrow 36 (Pty) Ltd is recognised by numerous clients as a significant partner in training and development. Starcrow 36 (Pty) Ltd provides a high quality professional service that will be meaningful and of benefit to the employer and the employee in the development of skills, achievement of competence and further development. The company’s learning material is unit standard based and is regularly amended in line with re-registered unit standards. Starcrow 36 (Pty) Ltd is well positioned to grow internationally, and its existing service delivery in all nine provinces and some neighbouring countries provides a strong base for extending its footprint to more neighbouring countries. Starcrow 36 (Pty) Ltd is committed to enhance safety at the workplace by complying with general legislation, standard safety practices and general safety procedures. Clients will be kept informed of any new legislative developments. The company has a very strong services orientated Head Office, situated in Delmas, Mpumalanga, which provides quality and administrative support. Starcrow 36 (Pty) Ltd is accredited/certified with the following bodies: MQA, TETA, CETA, ETDP, Department of labour and ISO 9001:2015. Starcrow 36 (Pty) Ltd is 51% black owned as well as 20.5% Black Designated Group owned as per the Amended Code series 100 of the Amended Codes of Good Practice issued under section n9(1) of the B-BBEE Act No 53 of 2003 as Amended by Act no 46 of 2013. Based on this information as well as other information taken into account, Starcrow 36 (Pty) Ltd is currently a Level 2 contributor.

Address:23 4th str, Delmas, 2210

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