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Founded in 2019, GNV Enterprises is a technologically advanced South African company providing world-class equipment using the latest available technology and materials and designed by manufacturers with innovative and effective solutions for the global market. This coupled with our high standard of service is what makes our projects successful. The Company is focused on plant process optimisation and technology with keen focus on Industry 4.0.

Our story started with and is always about the people we work with. We value our customers and their involvement. In addition, our partners compliment what we do, and they support us fully.

Our objective is to provide the manufacturing industry with cutting-edge solutions for their plant to become part of the sustainable manufacturing development process and reduce their environmental footprint. We look after and support customers in all processes of their company for long-term sustainability and global competitiveness, from small businesses to large corporations. This has allowed us to expand our expertise into many industries.

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Gus Allan

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