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Our newly launched company, HK Mining Solutions (Pty) Ltd, is headquartered in Johannesburg in South Africa. Our company’s face might be new, but our team has many years of combined experience in engineering, hydraulics, systems, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning. Our company is here to support our customers in the Mining Industry by keeping their mining endeavors running effectively and efficiently. From the deep depths of a mining hole, where our customers’ hard-working miners are mining for resources, all the way to the very top where mine shafts’ hoist drives and sheaves are working to hoist up loads of raw materials, and down to above the ground where hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders roam, we will help our customers to concur their value chain challenges. HK Mining is your competent partner and supplier of components and systems combined with our expertise in development, manufacturing, sales, and services for the mining industry. HK Mining’s team has a united focus which is to enable our customers to reach and excel in their mining operations, whilst providing reliable products and offering excellent services. We are here for the long run. With our customers we are building a legacy.

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