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Monitor Pumps & Systems is a professional and experienced supplier of Vesta Double Diaphragm Pumps. We supply Diaphragm Pump Types that offer economical operation and easy maintenance solutions. We supply a wide range of electric, metal, plastic and hygienic pumps. In addition, we also provide a rich variety of high-pressure and flap-valve pumps to suit your fluid transfer needs.

Vesta Pump’s air-driven double diaphragm pumps and electric-driven double diaphragm pumps offer a robust design, reliable service and low cost of ownership usually associated with some existing popular brands, but at an affordable initial investment. Also boosting an electromechanically driven double diaphragm pump range opens the door to the same quality and reliable design without the need of a compressor.

Vesta Pumps has 45 years of experience in the designing and production of various pump models that are utilised in an array of industries. For example; lubrication, building technology, mining and explosives, and agriculture irrigation to name a few. Since various fluids used in differing sectors present diverse properties such as durability, viscosity, radiance, temperature, pressure, grains, and abrasions, it is essential that your industry is fitted with the right machinery.

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Wim Verhagen

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City Deep Production Park, 83 Heidelburg Road City Deep Mini Units – Unit No 9


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South Africa