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Since 2012, residents and businesses across South Africa have benefitted from Ramika Projects’ high-quality lighting products. It has been established that crime is reduced, productivity is enhanced, and people feel safer, in well-lit areas. Ramika Projects plays an important role in the development and upliftment of previously underserved areas by helping to improve the infrastructure in such areas. The provision of high-quality luminaires aids the development of local infrastructure. The company’s range of lighting expertise covers commercial and industrial applications, underground lighting, and luminaires for use in hazardous environments. For this reason, the company supplies luminaires to municipalities, mines, oil refineries and hospitals. The company’s custom-designed and locally manufactured luminaires offer energy-saving and long operational life. These characteristics are particularly important considerations in modern electrical installations since the equipment must offer optimum performance at lowest cost for as long as possible. Local design and manufacture ensure maximum flexibility, enabling the company to offer its clients custom-made products to match their precise requirements. To ensure the best possible illumination in any application, Ramika Projects offers lighting audits to help its clients determine whether sufficient light is available. This has a significant impact on productivity because insufficient lighting can lead to accidents and poor workmanship. To achieve the best results, the company’s expert design team uses the latest lighting design software under the watchful eye of a professional lighting practitioner who has been accredited by the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA). Ramika Projects is a Level 2 broad-based black empowered enterprise with a 51% black women ownership. The company is partnered with Nordland Lighting, which holds a 49% shareholding, and has more than 50 years’ experience in the lighting industry. For more information, contact Ramika Projects, Tel 010 443-9149, sales@ramika.co.za, www.ramika.co.za

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