eepos south africa supplies German-engineered, lightweight modular crane systems for every industry. We specialise in ergonomic overhead lifting, handling and moving applications, from hoisting to vacuum lifting – steel sheets, glass panes, oil drums, rolls of material, kegs of beer to tailor made manipulator arms for those cumbersome and difficult to handle loads – we’ve got it covered.

All products in our intelligent system are designed to be compatible with and complement each other, allowing you to choose flexible solutions that are tailor-made for your business. Our products can be integrated into a variety of industrial set-ups including automotive, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, logistics and more. Our experts will ensure that you get the right fit – without overspending or over-engineering the solution.

Virtual showroom/exhibition: https://www.eepos.de/en/virtual-exhibition/
Eepos one catalogue: https://www.eepos.co.za/files/2020/01/Catalogue-eepos-one.pdf