The MWS-DP-3 Microwave Solids Flow Sensor, available from Allpronix, detects moving solids utilizing microwave high penetrability and the Doppler effect. The sensing head transmits microwaves toward the target material. A portion of the microwaves are reflected back to the sensing head and analysed as to whether they are from a moving or stationary object.

The highly-penetrable microwave passes through a build-up on the head and even through pipe made of non-conducting materials such as plastics. It is best suited for detecting such materials as powders, granules, etc, moving through a vacuum pipeline.

Special Features include blocked chute detection; equipped with a filter for screening unnecessary incoming Doppler signals; and equipped with a sensitivity margin indicator.

Application Example: Flow/Non Flow Detection
Thanks to the filter function, the solids flow sensor detects only the falling material without interference from conveyor 1 or 2.

Application Example: Flow/Non Flow and Block Chute Detection
The receiver receives microwave beams from the solids flow sensor. When the beam is interrupted, the receiver will output a “blocked chute” signal. The operating distance between the Solids Flow Sensor and Receiver is up to 80 meters (Standard type) but may vary from sensor to sensor and according to installation circumstances.

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