Ana-Digi Systems represents Power Electronics high-power LV Variable Speed Drives, as well as LS LV and MV Variable Speed Drives, PLC, HMI and InfoU SCADA products in Southern Africa.

Offering variable speed drives from 100 W to 10 MW, we have one of the most complete and best priced VFD ranges available in Southern African. Being well-priced, modern, ultra-reliable, with amazing functionality and full earth-fault protection, this range is hard to beat.

The LS Medium Voltage Drive is one of the leaders in this field in terms of low mains harmonics, system up-time, cost per kilowatt and near sine-wave output to the motor. Output chokes or filters are not required. LS have been producing high quality rack and modular PLCs since the 1990s and can compete head-on with the established European and American makes. LS HMIs offer high brightness, high density colour screens, and software drivers for most competitive PLC products.

The fully certified “Ex” versions can be utilised in gaseous environments.

We offer 24 hour support service on all of our products.

Software for all LSIS PLC, HMI & VFD products, is available free-of-charge. Download it from our website at www.anadigi.co.za