Gedore brings you the Torcofix, a robust torque wrench with square drive and integrated ratchet-head function for controlled bi-directional tightening. The Dremaster is a turdy torque wrench featuring a square drive and ratchet-head function for controlled bi-directional tightening, and an interchangeable mushroom head with push-button release. The Dremometer is a torque wrench made from high-strength aluminium alloy with automatic resetting.

Also from Gedore are the DVV Multipliers. The slender, lighter structure of the appliances ensures convenient and safe working – even where conditions are particularly cramped. Repetition-accurate and precise results – supported by individual factory test certificates – ensure a maximum degree of job safety. A lighter steel housing thanks to the use of high-performance aluminium. Each multiplier‘s torque range is checked at the factory and provided with an individual factory test certificate. Precise, reliable figures – even under extreme climatic conditions, and it’s easy to operate.

Website: www.gedore.co.za