Process Vacuum specialise in vacuum systems, process and industrial. We have a large range of liquid ring vacuum pumps for mining dewatering applications, chemical, paper, food and power plants, as well as dry pumps for fine chemical and chemical applications. Rotary vane oil lubricated and dry pumps for hospitals, packaging.

A new range of recovery and cleaning systems have been developed for mines, underground and surface recovery and cleaning; general plant cleaning and boiler house cleaning. Also available from large pumps, compressors, steam and water ejectors for Power Plant Vacuum Systems, to the most advanced Chemical Dry Pump technologies available.

Process Vacuum also supplies extremely large liquid ring work horses for the paper and mining industry to very small rotary vane oil filled high vacuum units for industrial applications as well as automatic ladle gas coupling systems for safety compliance and mechanical steel degassing systems. Projects completed includes large liquid ring vacuum pumps for horizontal vacuum belt filters, drum filters, disk filters and pan filters with suction capacities up to 38,000 m3 /hr.

Systems in various materials including C.S. internally ceramic coated and 316L S.S. have been shipped to Asia, Russia, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, Africa, and South America.

For more information, visit: http://www.process-vacuum.com/