Umbani Software is a software development company, specialising in custom data driven applications and business intelligence solutions. We supply customisable off the shelf products as well as bespoke software solutions to a variety of industries. Umbani Software offers SHEQsys to assist with your Safety management requirements.

SHEQsys is an online web application, which allows users and managers to log, investigate, report and determine trends of Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, and Quality related activities within their organisation, through the use of modules which all work individually, or together, in an easy to navigate web interface with built in wizards to assist users in operating the system.

SHEQsys allows your company to work the way you want with its customisable utilities allowing the system to suit your organisation. SHEQsys is mobile compatible which allows you to create entries wherever you may be on any web capable device. SHEQsys is a framework that allows you turn modules on as required, meaning SHEQsys can be scaled to meet your needs, now or later.

Get SHEQ done. View video: https://youtu.be/MGGfVJKnv-c

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