GKD are a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialised process belts, metal meshes, vibrating screen panels and other filtration, screening and solid/liquid separation consumables.

As the leading manufacturer of process belts, GKD offers you a broad spectrum of process belt solutions for demanding processes and applications. Customers all over the world use our range of products and individually manufactured belts for dewatering, pressing, filtering, separating, drying, cooling, and freezing. What is more, GKD process belts are also used to emboss wood, for heat treatment, and in the textile and nonwovens industry. Our process belts made from synthetics, metal, or material combinations are produced on the latest high-performance looms and spiral machines. This makes them both extremely stable and flexible. An example of our innovativeness is the ultra-flat PAD seam developed by GKD engineers. We are your reliable partner in all matters, right from the start: be it for professional consulting, individual development, procurement, or assembly.

We develop and produce ultra-modern industrial mesh and filtration solutions from metal, synthetic wires, and technical fibres – for all areas of industrial application. With innovative web technologies and the latest simulation methods, we create efficient technical weaves, semi-finished products, components and filter equipment.

GKD also produce a wide range of modular screen panels including polyurethane, rubber, poly wedge wire and mesh insert panels at various thicknesses, hardness and apertures.

GKD have six production facilities worldwide in Europe, USA, Chile, South Africa, India and China. Locally, GKD employs 150 people at our 7000m2 production facility in Randfontein.

For more information, visit our website: https://www.gkd-group.com/za-en/