The unique EDICT system developed in 2005 has been successfully installed in over hundred mining applications worldwide. The system consists of Mixtec’s highest efficiency HA724 down-pumping hydrofoil impeller, and a specially designed up-pumping impeller. The combination of which adds velocity to solids suspended by the lower impeller, drawing them into the low-pressure area and ‘boosting’ the upward motion to the upper portion of the tank. The solids travel across the slurry surface to overflow or back down toward the flow generated by the lower impeller to repeat the cycle.

The EDICT system has various other advantages such as reduced absorbed power when compared to double down-pumping mixers. The design offers reduced loads on gearboxes and decreased bending moments and out of balance forces, which results in lower structural loads and improved gearbox service life.

Mixtec’s unique four-bladed HA724 impeller is used in the EDICT System which also dramatically reduces shaft bending moments and out-of-balance forces, reducing pumping capacity needed to achieve the same duty – resulting in further power savings. Mixtec sets the benchmark in effective energy efficient agitator design and we are considered as the mixing technology leaders in the mining and refining industry.

Applications are across mining and refining, hydrometallurgical mineral processing, pharmaceutical, water treatment, petro-chemical, chemical manufacturing, food and beverage (including dairy), pulp and paper

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