How do you go about deciding what solution is right for you? When it comes to software there are 2 options available – develop your own customised solution or buy off the shelf solutions. Whilst the temptation to develop your own customised solution is attractive, there are some significant considerations you need to be aware of.

These include the high reliance of whomever you choose to develop the software for you (once you are in you will find it very difficult to get out) and the fact that you NEVER stop developing software – it needs to keep pace with your changing business needs – so you will need to ensure the resource you source can supply this ongoing service

Unless every aspect of your business process is fully mapped in a high degree of detail there will be a high number of iterations required and this will take far more time than you ever imagined. It will cost you far more than you budgeted and, if you cannot continue to fund the development, will suffer a significant financial loss and still be left without a solution.

Off the shelf solutions may not supply a solution that 100% meets your business needs and your budget. However, off the shelf software solutions, supported by the companies whose business it is to supply these solutions, are ever changing to keep pace with the needs of the business. So the selection of the right solution will, in most cases, be the most cost effective and quickest way of transitioning.

Choose a software partner who understands your business and its EHS needs.

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