We take a systematic approach to hearing conservation management that involves a needs assessment, impression taking, manufacturing, fitting and the training of use, as well as annual monitoring.

H.A.S.S. Industrial’s Noise-Ban custom-made hearing protection devices offer optimum protection for those operating in noisy environments, while still allowing for communication. These custom-made hearing protection devices are part of the H.A.S.S. Hearing Protection Programme that includes custom impressions, a leak-tight test and training, monitoring and on-site service all done by trained H.A.S.S. Industrial staff members.

These devices are backed by ISO 9001-2015 accreditation, as well as annual monitoring and ongoing end-user training.

The Noise-Ban custom model offers affordable custom-made hearing protection device made from Acrylic material with a hypo allergic coating. Fitted with a fixed filter it allows for communication while protecting your hearing in high noise areas. The Noise-Ban Soft model is made from medical grade silicone material with a hypo allergic coating. It is pliable and lightweight, making it more comfortable to wear under tight fitting helmets. The Noise-Ban Elite model offers optimum protection when operating in a noisy environment, while still allowing the wearer to communicate easily. Acrylic material allows us to adjust the product for a comfortable fit and long-term reliable protection.

For more information:
Website: www.noiseban.com