Established in 1945 as a family company, Layher is a pioneer in advanced scaffolding systems and is consistently at the forefront of innovation, safety and quality.

Layher is the world’s largest producer of high-quality system scaffolding, with all its material manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Eibensbach, Germany. Based in Johannesburg since 2011, South African subsidiary Layher (Pty) Ltd provides high standards of engineering and service, while ensuring that customers can profit without compromising on safety.

To make scaffolding even more economical and even safer, Layher development engineers are constantly working on ingenious new developments. Their focus here is on the influencing factors for assembly performance, such as weight, shape and the number of components. To achieve this, they constantly search for new materials and new production processes. Just a few additional components also continuously provide their customers with new fields of business, since the utilisation of their material stocks is also a crucial economic factor.

Thanks to uniform system dimensions and appropriate combination approvals, all their innovations are designed to be interchangeable with existing components of the Layher product portfolio – including their earlier product generations. This ensures investment security: the strengths of their integrated system.

Assembly, dismantling and transport make up 80 % of scaffolding service costs. Studies have clearly shown that by reducing component weight, their customers can considerably enhance both their assembly and dismantling performances and use their transport capacities more efficiently.

This is where the new Layher Lightweight philosophy comes to the fore. By using higher strength steel grades, new production processes and design improvements, the company has succeeded in minimising the weight of the basic components of their SpeedyScaf and Allround Scaffolding systems – without reducing their high load capacities.

Assembly speed can be increased up to 10 %, transport capacity up to 12 %. As part of our integrated system, the Lightweight products can also be combined with our previous product versions. Combination approvals are of course available.

Layher Welcome to the Next Generation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoV_4i0MQJQ