Available from Allpronix, the operator panel TD410 is a compact touchscreen HMI running Windows Embedded Compact 7. The ARM CORTEX A8 processor and an integrated solid state memory make it suitable for industrial applications even in environments subject to mechanical disturbances, such as vibrations.

Two serial Buses (RS485), an Ethernet port 10/100/1000 and a CanOpen bus ensure connectivity to the main field buses. It is possible to add digital I/O board ETD1644with plug-in connection for compact control system or I/O modules MCM260X for extended applications. The USB port, available also on front panel, provides functions such as data exporting, program updates and peripherals connection.

The entire range of HMI panels with Windows CE features a programmable soft-PLC relying on LogicLab development environment (compliant with programming standard IEC-61131), which allows development of control logics in a stand-alone panel, without the support of external PLC modules. The SCADA Movicon 11 CE by Progea softwarehouse is integrated as runtime into Pixsys panels and enables powerful graphics and synoptics, as well as direct interface with the integrated soft-PLC or with third-party PLCs.

Pixsys HMI Windows® Embedded Compact (WEC) overview: https://youtu.be/EWkf5FQGPVo
For more information, visit: www.allpronix.com