HPT is a technology company focused on the manufacture and supply of turnkey Induction Heating Systems for various heating applications in the mining, manufacturing and metals industries. HPT combines energy efficient induction heating technologies, with a high level of automation and system design, to provide complete heating solutions.

HPT’s induction technology is utilised in heat treatment; annealing; brazing; melting and casting; precious metal refining; laboratories; foundries; and various other processing applications; both locally and internationally.

HPT also supplies complete solutions for process automation, robotics, and renewable energy systems to various sectors.

Leveraging its core competences in power electronics, system integration, automation and design, HPT has also established itself as a Fuel Cell Systems Integrator, and supplier of Power Conversion systems for various applications which include: DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-DC and AC-AC conversion systems.

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Leading supplier of induction heating solutions: https://www.hotplatinum.com/