The world has changed over the last three years. Global trade has fragmented, posing new challenges for manufacturers. This year at Electra Mining Africa, Allbro will be focusing on our innovations and how we are meeting these challenges with world-class solutions.

Allbro invests 10 x more in research and development than we do in marketing. The reason for this becomes obvious when looking at the new products we’ve released over the last ten years, products that speak for themselves.

From conception right through to production, our in-house team considers the problem from all angles. We don’t simply seek to find a solution, we seek to find the solution that improves the product on all fronts. We want to offer innovation that radically improves how our customers do things.

With more than 100 million enclosures in service globally in some of the toughest environments, our track record has been proven over and over again.


Although first world countries have developed world-leading camera technology, it was a South African company that created the first really meaningful innovation for mounting them. The first of its kind, Camera-Den™ is manufactured locally and patented worldwide. The camera’s mounting area is separate to the cable connection housing. The installation process is much faster, and the commissioning and maintenance is also vastly improved. The Camera-Den™ is so different from anything that has previously existed that it is difficult to even call it a junction box.

Allbro specialises in Glass Reinforced Polyester enclosures. With the price of steel and shipping continually increasing, the need for non-steel enclosures that can withstand the harsh conditions of mining and industrial environments is higher than ever before. Enclosure ranges like Allbrox™, Okari® and AllRobust™ make the case for GRP solutions. They not only protect against water and dust ingression but are also resilient against most chemicals. The lifespan on our GRP enclosures far outlasts that of our steel counterparts.

South Africa has its very own home-grown manufacturer providing solutions that are competitive on the world stage. We at Allbro believe that you can have a local product and still expect stellar performance. Allbro takes great pride in the innovations that we’ve developed over the last ten years, pushing the boundaries of what is being offered for mining and industrial markets.