Energy & Densification Systems (EDS) has developed patented new technology crushing/milling equipment. The EDS Multishaft Mill is a compact vertical mill – utilising high-speed impacts to break down particles with large reduction ratios, low energy consumption and improved liberation. The milling action combines several processes to provide a multitude of output products to satisfy various specifications.

EDS has milled a variety of materials ranging very hard gold ores that require fine milling, all the way down diamondiferous ores that require liberation without causing diamond damage. The versatility of the unit makes it suitable for a large range of applications both in mining and industrial minerals environments.

Another advantage of the unit is that because of the breakage mechanism that the unit employs, the liberation of minerals is very efficient, and better liberation is experienced when compared to other similar, technologies. This has been proven through a number of testwork regimes on a variety of different ore types.

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Video: https://vimeo.com/194004701 (password to view is ‘multishaft’)