Maximising efficiency in resource recovery, Derrick® Corporation has once again redefined high capacity, high efficiency, fine particle wet screening with the introduction of the SuperStack®. With 8 decks operating in parallel, 35% increase in the effective width of each deck, and innovative Front-to-Back tensioning system, the SuperStack has a demonstrated capacity up to 3 times that of the best fine screens currently available.

All of this added capacity comes with only a slight increase in the space required per machine, significantly reducing the total capital and installation cost as well as OPEX for any screening installation. The SuperStack is built to last and backed by a worldwide support team available 24/7.

The New Standard of Operation for CIL/CIP & RIL/RIP
The Derrick® G-Vault® utilizes our patented urethane screen surface technology and serves as a welcome alternative to traditional stainless-steel wedge wire screens. The combination of our urethane’s abrasion resistant properties and non-blinding technology results in a screen system with increased life, less maintenance and significantly higher throughput.

Multiple basket sizes are available: screens ranging from 500 to 1000 micron apertures. The G-Vault shows substantial reductions in maintenance and downtime. Given the alternative of multiple, weekly shutdowns with existing wedge wire screens, the G-Vault proves to create a new standard of operation by lengthening run-times with minimal cleaning required.

Website: www.derrick.com