Festo is a leading global supplier of Pneumatic, Electric and Process Automation solutions for Industrial Applications. Furthermore, we offer Industrial training and consulting solutions through Festo Didactic, a global leader in basic and further training. With our proven experience in industrial automation, we support our customers from designing to machine operations with the best technologically advanced solutions and the most competitive product range. Adding to this, we help our customers become competitive without compromising quality with our Core Product Range which has over 2 200 products for all industrial applications.

Our product range includes pneumatic drives, servo-pneumatic positioning systems, electric drives, motors and controllers; grippers, handling systems, vacuum technology, valves, valve terminals, motion terminal; sensors, image processing systems, compressed air preparation, pneumatic fittings system; electrical connector technology, control technology, software, ready-to-install solutions and function-specific systems.

We work with multiple industries such as the food and beverage, textile, medical technology, automotive and etc. Click here to learn more about our industry segments: https://www.festo.com/cms/en-za_za/9458.htm