Available from Allpronix, Pixsys PLC series PL500/PLE500 is relying on a modular and flexible concept. CPU PL500 is the control unit and connectivity node, basing on ARM CORTEX A8 -1 GHz microprocessor and featuring extensive range of serial ports and protocols: RS485, RS232 (Modbus RTU), Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP), CanOpen.

Multiple combinations of analogue-digital I/O are available on PLE500 modules. Communication among CPU and I/O modules is basing on a real-time internal Bus on DIN-rail.

Flagship of Pixsys PLC range are the PID modules with programmable analogue input, currently available as single loop but already planned in additional versions with multiple loops.

WebServer functionality enables a “Virtual HMI” mode for visualization of customized synoptics without necessity to connect a screen/operator panel.

Development environment LogicLab, compliant with IEC 61131 standards, is now the same for this PLC series as well as for Pixsys HMI and Panel PC, thus ensuring scalability of applications, optimal synergy among different series and connectivity with third-party hardware thanks to wide list of drivers already included.

Pixsys LogicLab / Movicon tutorial n. 13 / Programming PL500 by Pixsys LogicLab: https://youtu.be/-_dYYbhzoTY
For more information, visit: www.allpronix.com