There is no reason to trail-and-error with product development anymore or to get any nasty and expensive surprises during manufacturing or in-service. All aspects of the product development, from design, manufacturing and in-service life can be simulated to test and validate product functionality and reliability before ordering any material or starting up a very expensive production line.

With MSC Software’s rich history in the simulation world, being one of the top 10 original software companies in the world (alongside the likes of Microsoft and Appel), their product portfolio covers the complete spectrum from material development, manufacturing processes up to in-service life, to develop, test and validate products virtually.

If you know what you want to make and want to know how to make it right the first time, Hexagon | MSC Software has got you covered, and now with a single license* you can access all their products for the price of 1 or 2!

* MSC One is a flexible licensing system where the user chooses and pays for the required capacity, rather than the technology required.

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