Nordcon APP is suitable for diagnosis, analysis, monitoring and parameterisation of Nord Drive Systems. Together with The Nordac Access BT Bluetooth stick it provides a mobile commissioning and service solution and gives users new options for control and optimisation of their Nord drives. This speeds up commissioning, simplifies maintenance and enables faults to be remedied faster. With this, down times and costs can be reduced.

The dashboard-based visualisation is useful for drive monitoring and fault diagnosis. With a help function and rapid access to parameters, parameterisation of drive units is simple and easy. In addition, the app has further practical features such as a backup and recovery function for simple handling of drive parameters, as well as an individually configurable oscilloscope function for analysis of the drive. Video tutorials and the possibility of direct contact with Nord Support additionally assist users in their work.

The Nordac Access BT acts as a bridge between the drive system and the app. The stick is connected to the software via Bluetooth and is used directly on the frequency inverter. Users therefore have practical access to the drive data and remain in full control of access.

YouTube video: https://youtu.be/7U-JrKLh3Bw

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