North Safety Products Africa (NSPA) is one of South Africa’s leading designers, manufactures and marketers of personal protection and safety equipment products in the workplace. Opened in 1956 in Pinetown, KwaZulu Natal, we have grown from strength to strength and are now regarded as industry leaders.

Our products are used for a variety of personal safety applications across a plethora of industries including industrial and construction; oil and gas; chemicals; food; mining; manufacturing; agriculture; the utility industry and many more.

Products include protective clothing and general workwear, T-shirts, shirts, trousers, high-visibility vests, furnace workwear, leather workwear, thermal workwear, arc flash, rainwear, shaftsinkers workwear, fisherman workwear, life jackets, pvc aprons, forestry workwear, disposable and re-useable cover overalls.

Website: www.northsafety.co.za
Product brochures: http://www.northsafety.co.za/
Contact: Head Office: Tel: 031 705 6085 or 031 705 5952