With more than a half-century of proven experience in belt conveyor drive solutions, Voith products are engineered to the highest standards. They operate under the most demanding environmental conditions with little maintenance and wear – for greater productivity and less downtime.

Intelligent. Reliable. Efficient. Voith TurboBelt TPXL family. Voith offers a fill-controlled fluid coupling providing wear-free power transmission with a precise, easy-to-use torque control. Its compact design paired with the integrated control logic makes it a highly efficient drive solution. Rugged, robust and compact, the TurboBelt TPXL family is engineered to the highest standards for greater availability and reliable operation.

The benefits of this are mechanical protection of all conveyor components, up to 98.5% efficiency, innovative speed and torque control logic, lower commissioning time and cost, easy installation and handling, self-diagnosis functions and remote maintenance, reliable operation even in harsh environments, seamless integration into plant control system, and reduced maintenance costs of drives and Increased production capacity.

View the Voith Digital Platform Mining Industry TurboGuide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcOEV1qq4rE

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