Scantech is the global leader in the development of innovative solutions using continuous, conveyed bulk analysis technologies that produce representative, accurate, timely and reliable results.

With over 100 installations worldwide in the minerals sector GEOSCAN-M is the highest performance elemental analyser utilising Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) to measure continuously in real time, through the full conveyed cross section. It is unaffected by particle size, belt speed, moisture content, mineralogy, layering/segregation, etc. There is no contact with the conveyor and no isolation zone needed. It is proven on belts with chlorine or steel cords.

GEOSCAN-M’s configuration and calibrations are customised for superior performance in every application and commodity. Shorter (30 seconds) measurement increments are used in bulk sorting applications and longer (2 minute) measurement times are used in blending, feed forward control, and metal accounting applications.

GEOSCAN-M is successfully operating in: iron ore and sinter, Mn, Cr, Cu, Ni, Zn-Pb, phosphate rock, Li, bauxite, Pt and Au. It is proven for direct measurement of “difficult” elements (Na, P, Mg, Al, C, Hg, Au, etc).

Other analysers commonly used include Scantech’s SizeScan, a new PSD, volume, belt speed analyser using innovative 3D IR camera technology and the proven TBM 200 series microwave moisture monitors.

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