75% of vehicle accidents happen at night and are generally caused by visibility factors related to inclement weather (rain, fog, haze, sand and dust), the glare of oncoming headlights, pedestrians and animals.

Trysome Auto Electrical Engineering (Pty) Ltd brings you the latest in thermal imaging and night-vision technology with its revolutionary Q2 Thermal IR 313 Night-Vision System.

With its high-tech, military-quality standard, infrared detection capacity the Q2 Thermal IR 313 Night-Vision System can sense infrared rays out of range of human vision. It can help the driver better understand the overall road conditions by displaying them beyond the scope of the headlight beam, up to 360 m, and four times farther than the actual headlight beam, effectively improving the visual effect in case of insufficient light. It’s built-in, wide-angle view also assists in detecting non-luminous objects on the road verges.

With the Q2 Thermal System your driver/operator has more time to act to avoid accidents and keep themselves, others and your assets safe.

The vehicle-mounted infrared night-vision system is widely used both on- and off-road in the marine, mining, logistics, industrial, security, law-enforcement and leisure sectors.

Website: www.trysome.co.za