Established in 1921, haggie® SWR has consistently been at the forefront of Steel Wire Rope development in the South African market and globally.

Our products are utilised for virtually every application and uses high carbon wire drawn from rod material. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, 6 and 8 strand constructions, multi-strand rotation resistant ropes, compacted and triangular strand rope, the latter of which are solely supplied by haggie® to the deepest Rock and Man Winders in the World.

Our team of Technical Services Engineers are always on hand to provide technical advice for any application imaginable. We also conduct in-house training programmes on all matters relating to Steel Wire Ropes. We are governed by the strictest International Standards and we have a SANAS approved rope break test house. We strive to support intensive and on-going programmes of product development and innovation required to stay ahead in this ever changing World.

Website: http://www.scaw.co.za/