SME specialises in engineering unique products and providing turnkey solutions to meet complex requirements, with a focus on HVAC & Complex Mechanical Systems. Our head office and main production facilities are based in Pretoria
South Africa, with strategic service and maintenance centres countrywide.

We are passionately committed to providing clients with the highest standards, achieved through our risk-comfortable approach to boldly disrupt the industry through innovation.

Our success and growth in the industry is a result of quality and innovative solutions. Our core specialisations are:
Specialised Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Custom Design & Manufacturing, Electrical & Control Products, and EPCM & Turnkey Solutions.

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Website: www.specmech.co.za

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SME Rail Video
Assembly Platform
BST Trolleys
Dross Gripper Arm
Ingot Stacking Grab
MAC Smart Control and Display HMIs – Mining and Industrial_pg1
MAC Smart Control and Display HMIs – Mining and Industrial_pg2
MK Units
MK150 – 1.5kW Air Conditioning Unit
MK450 – 4.5kW Air Conditioning Unit
MK950 – 9.5kW Air Conditioning Unit
MK1650 – 16.5kW Air Conditioning Unit
Mobile Container – Kitchen Unit
Turn Over Device
Venturi Flow Meter
SME Mining & Industrial Booklet
Website: www.specmech.co.za