AFROMIX has numerous years’ experience in the engineering and manufacturing of mixers/agitators and peristaltic pumps. AFROMIX has a clear focus on developing products that will bring substantial customer benefits and whole life operational costs at a fraction of competitive products.

AMX Agitators: Components are isolated and designed to handle loads far more than what they would experience during operation. Our software allows us to accurately predict and simulate very accurately what loads will be experienced during operation. Even with this in mind, all our designs are conservative and can tolerate any fluctuating loads and peaks that the plant may experience.

AFX Pumps: The internal workings of each pump comprise of a rotor block with solid rotating rollers. The pumping action results from alternately compressing and relaxing a specially designed high pressure peristaltic hose between the pump housing and the pump compression rollers to create an airtight pocket. The fluid is pushed along the hose towards the discharge by the compression rollers, creating a positive displacement. The reopening hose behind the roller draws more fluid into the pump through the suction.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4frifWd3PMM&feature=youtu.be
Website: www.afromix.co.za