Strata Worldwide is a premier provider of safety and communication technologies for the global mining industries. The company offers a suite of advanced solutions that are backed by 28 years of mining and customer support experience.

Best known in South Africa for its leading proximity detection and collision avoidance solution, HazardAvert, Strata continually expands and enhances the performance of the system. Recently released is the HazardAvert Gen2 coal system which features refined capabilities and expanded functionalities. Vehicle-to-vehicle collision avoidance for underground mobile machinery is one such enhancement now incorporated into the system.

Additionally released this year is a newly designed emergency refuge chamber for underground safety preparedness. Strata’s chambers are built for the critical purpose of providing a breathable atmosphere, isolated from potentially contaminated air in the working section. This can be due to fire outbreak, ventilation failure or a sudden release of toxic gas. The new design of the Strata ERCX provides greater flexibility for custom configurations, and to implement many time-learned improvements for occupant safety and comfort.

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