With astonishing balance of power and portability, the ESAB Cutmaster® 60i is a thing of wonder. It is extremely powerful, can cut through a multitude of metals, and never backs down, from first cut to clean up.

Cutmaster 60i now has 16.6% more cutting and piercing capacity to get jobs done faster and cleaner. At only 16.8 kg, its compact and lightweight design makes it highly portable – without sacrificing power or performance to achieve this. With a wide range of available cutting and gouging nozzles, you can harness Cutmaster 60i’s power like never before.

Increased cut capacity and cut speed: Cutmaster 60i’s recommended cut capacity is 20 mm with a maximum sever of 38 mm and a 20 mm pierce. Superior duty cycle: Cut more, faster and for longer. The machine’s duty cycle of 50% at 60 A while cutting mild steel equates to a 7.6 kW power supply rating – the highest output in its class. Rugged roll cage: With multiple lift points, the sturdy four-handle roll cage makes it easy to transport your Cutmaster 60i where you need to – including outdoors. The machine’s IP23S protection rating proves it is ready to face whatever elements come your way. Generator reliable: say goodbye to issues caused by power fluctuations and spikes when connected to a generator. Cutmaster 60i’s power factor correction ensures no disruptions in cutting performance.

Cutmaster 60i, like every ESAB machine, is backed by our commitment to superior customer service and support.
Our skilled customer service department is prepared to quickly answer any questions, address problems, and help with maintenance and upgrading of machines. Ask about the new ESAB Cutmaster 60i today.

Product video: I-SGM 3500 Cutting system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLdFtJWGkVY&t=21s