TAKRAF South Africa completed replacement of wear items on two of a major coal producer’s reclaimers as a result of routine site monitoring by its field technical advisors. This service, provided free of charge, comprises ongoing monitoring and reporting on the condition of equipment to forecast maintenance and replacement windows and thereby assist customers’ financial planning and forecasting.

The shutdown was executed by the TAKRAF South Africa Middelburg regional office in Mpumalanga, who successfully and safely organised the shutdown work during the challenging Covid-19 restrictions, such as those relating to travel and testing of personnel. The shutdown was scheduled for 10 days and, despite Covid-19, all work was completed on time without any incidents or accidents.

Components replaced on the circular reclaimer included the scraper buckets and harrow bogies and rails, and on the linear reclaimer, the scraper chain take up unit, harrow rope sheave wheels and drive unit.

To assist its customers protect their significant capital investments, TAKRAF South Africa maintenance teams have continued to work throughout lockdown, ensuring that spares are procured, fabricated and delivered. All services have been provided with full compliance of lockdown health and safety regulations.